An Act Above | Unique aerial dance and stilt performance
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What We Do

Combining advanced aerial skills and stilts with dance and spectacular costumes, An Act Above creates stunning theatrical visuals & character-based acts.


An Act Above (merged with The Wrong Size) is a celebration of circus excitement and theatrical glamour. Each act features skilled performers in incredible costumes fashion a special kind of wonder and excitement for audiences of all ages.

“You are fabulous!”
Dame Shirley Bassey at Buckingham Palace


Latest news

The Dragons are a perfect walkabout entertainment to celebrate the big occasion.  Vibrant and fun, The Dragons are four bright and colourful walkabout creatures that were inspired by the Gaudí sculptures in Barcelona.

“Your performers were fabulous. We would definitely use them again – the crowds loved them….”
Halogen (via Contraband)

The Dragons veer between high-energy prancing and sculptural stillness, with their long tongues tousling your hair and their lizard like movements. They leap from one place to another – but beware! – they are very interested in the contents of your bags, your pockets or even your sandwiches.


Have a look at our video below from Poole Street Arts Festival :

Our clients

Here are some of the clients and venues that we have worked for in the past.

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